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I am the oldest of 7… Yes SEVEN… girls… yes, ALL GIRLS. Although I didn’t grow up in the same home as all 6 sisters, I still love them all the same – SO MUCH.

Having a career, where my sole purpose is to inspire women to live healthier and happier, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t give as much love and support on an individual basis to each of them.


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First, let’s start off with some basics so we’re on the same page…

Scientifically, it – it being, toxins, detoxing, cleansing and everything related - can be quite complex. So, let me simplify it… We are exposed to and therefore inhale, ingest and absorb toxins all. day. long. Our water, our air, our lotions, our food, our drinks, blah blah blah… I know - sounds depressing, right? But, hang on a sec... The incredible thing is that our bodies are designed to process and deal with toxins.

What’s that mean? Our bodies are constantly getting rid of toxins – "detoxing”. So even when you aren’t trying to detox – YOU ARE. It’s genius really. By sweating, having bad breat...

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ATTN all Kaia Girls, Athletes, Runners, Moms, Kids..

Seems silly, but I am so happy a friend of mine showed me this trick several months ago! Tie your shoe so that it NEVER comes untied, but isn't double knotted... Watch and Love:

Shoe Tying Trick for Runners and athletes

Happy Running!

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Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday :)

Today's Post motivated by... Self annoyance ;)

So, this weekend I was incredibly tired - I have been really busy lately (ok, actually I'm always busy - but this week in particular, even busier!), resulting in way too little sleep. I've been getting ready for our first annual Triathlon Training Program, as well as training for it myself. In addition our Kaia Brik session starts in 1 week! I've also been re-creating and just launched a new & improved Kaia FIT Website. And if you are reading this post you know that I just launched my blogsite!

My point; I've been sleeping less than I should and drinking more caffeine than I want to. Thus, after 2 days in a row of no caffeine accompanied with 2 headaches that ruined my weekend I wanted to share WHY ...

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So, most of you know that I love to use Arbonne products in my daily life! Here is some info on the company, the products, and how to get them!


One of my favorite parts about Arbonne is their ability to create amazing products that uphold great business practices with environmentally friendly production at every level.

  • Contracts to reduce their carbon footprint:
  • A Dedication to staying green
  • Products free of toxic chemicals

And, even better, the company promotes entrepreneurship in a way that is approachable and turn key if you are interested.


Ready to order? You have a choice;

1) Become a Client – order online, and receive all product withing 1-3 business days of ordering at your doorstep.

2) Become a preferred client – one time a year $20 fee (normally $29). Gives you 20% off of all products (First $100 worth of product saves you enough to pay for the fee). This is a great option if you plan on using Arbonne product more than once or buying more than 1 thing.

3) Become a Consultant - First time fee of $99 with a $20 yearly renewal fee. Gives you 35% discount on all product. Receive monthly check reflecting commission earned from anyone who signs up through you.

Instructions to get started:

  • Either one you decide on, start here:
  • Click “join arbonne”
  • Under “Register with Arbonne” put 19756871 in the sponsor’s id box (My ID number), and continue.
  • From there you can select “client” or ”preferred client”
  • Enter all your info
  • Shop! Products arrive at your doorstep in just a few days!

Comment below to let me know if you signed up, if you have any questions, or what your fave products are!!

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Hi there!! So exciting to actually be done with the technical/website stuff (sort of - ugh!). Now- on to the goods... Writing, sharing, learning & thriving ;) You can read more about me if you want, but today I want to introduce you to my blog :)

Reality Blogging

Well, I'm just a girl gettin after it... Wife, Kaia Coach, entrepreneur, Lululemon ambassador, dog mom, soon-to-be-triathlete and now blogger ;) I got a lot on my plate and some times I'm all over the place, but I try my best to be my best every day. No matter what, I promise to be honest and real.. in my ups, my downs, my struggles and my successes.

I have super healthy days and then some days I wish I could hit the rewind button on. Some workouts I feel like I could beat Lance Armstrong with my eye...

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Today is back-On-Track Tuesday for me. This weekend I spent several days in the gorgeous mountain town of Park City Utah visiting a childhood friend of mine, Lauren. It was beautiful - even in the pouring rain. We woke up with green smoothies and tea, hiked with the sunset, did yoga at the local rec center, ate some amazing food, had fun at the local Park Silly market, met and had amazing conversation with some incredible people who I feel so blessed to have met - but I hate to admit one of the best parts about was... sleep. Yep, sleep. I slept over 6 hours the last 3 nights. It was a beautiful thing.

Last week.. and the week before... not so much. I was drowning. In emails. In schedules. In calls. Texts. voicemails. Forms. Deadlines. We...

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  1. How to start a business in the state of California

  2. What-is, How-to & when-to implement a Sole prop, LLC, C-corp, S-corp, etc. College was a start, but nothing like real life.

  3. Quickbooks, and [most] all things accounting… ugh.

  4. How important a budget is.

  5. How to lease a space. Understand the market and what your walk away price is.

  6. How to build & run a website – and lots of other things tech related

  7. That hiring someone to do what I can’t or don’t want to is not only acceptable, but beneficial. I read something the other day that said you should be firing yourself every day. Fire yourself from tasks and positions and find others that will do them just as well or better – so you can work on growing the business and do the next big thing.

  8. How to hire.

  9. How not to hire.

  10. How to work ON the business and not just IN the business

  11. How important it is to learn more than I teach

  12. How to create a team and not just have employees

  13. The difference between leading and managing

  14. The importance of leading and not managing

  15. How amazing all the people in my life are.

  16. How to let go of those that aren’t

  17. How to [try to] be a better friend, sister, daughter, wife

  18. That most of the time listening is more important than speaking

  19. How to approach situations with love & empathy versus assumptions and an agenda

  20. How to ask for help.

  21. How to Say no.

  22. How to accept “no”

  23. That people will treat me differently solely because of my age as well as my gender, and that’s ok. That’s a reflection of them, not me

  24. The importance of unplugging.

  25. How to make room on a full plate for important things

  26. How to take advice and learn from those who did it all before me, and still stay true to my unique path

  27. That sometimes it feels like I’m on an island all by myself

  28. That island has taught me more than any college course ever could

  29. That sh** happens. And you gotta take a deep breath, figure out the best solution, and move forward.

  30. I will make mistakes. Every single day. I will Figure out how to fix it, not repeat it, and let it go.

  31. This is a learning process, and change is not only inevitable, but crucial; Every day is a chance to improve. Pretty sure life is the same way!

  32. That owning a business is hard. REALLY hard. It’s also really flippin’ amazing too. It’s rewarding, fulfilling, fun and exciting, but it’s also really scary and gives me a little kick in the you-know-whuuu.

I imagine Entrepreneurship is like parenting – people tell you how rewarding it is, that it’s a love you’ve never experienced, and they also tell you how challenging it will be – No matter what people told me, both the joy and hardships are greater than I expected.

Cheers to the next 32 months ;)

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  1. Get that creamy consistency by adding in 1/2 an avocado, chia seeds, banana or your favorite nut butter.
  2. When you purchase fresh fruits and veggies, wash, cut and FREEZE. Not only does it make it make that liquid meal even easier, it Makes for a great way to get that chilled and smooth texture (also saves money by savings those overripe ingredients!
  3. Add Ingredients in this order (bottom to top): liquids, powders/seeds, leafy greens, any fats (like avo or butters), fresh fruit, any frozen items. If your blender gets stuck, put a splash of water or non dairy milk.

Smoothie Making 101

Tips to making the perfect Green Smoothie - Part 1

Cheers! Xo Tara

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